Do you wish to cook or bake like a celebrity chef?

I do! Do you?

Hi, I'm Zoe from Bake for Happy Kids. I wish that I can cook or bake like a celebrity chef one day and wish to learn as many cooking and baking techniques as I could. I be able to cook like a star, I have to learn to cook or bake with lots of recipes published by various celebrity chefs and would love to invite you to cook or bake with me just like we are celebrity chefs. LOL!

For this reason, I'm organising a cooking/baking event called, Cook like a Star. For a specific month or two, I will nominate a specific celebrity chef to be star-struck for this event. Based on the nominated chef, my two friends and I will cook or bake one or more of the nominated chef's recipes and hope that you will do the same and link your post with us.

If you share the same cooking wish like me, please cook or bake with me. I think this will be a great cooking and learning opportunity for us. Who knows that we might be a celebrity chef one day? *wink*

Update on 30 June 2014 - Due to the decreasing number of participation, I have decided to stop organising Cook like a Star events. Our last event will be Bobby Flay's event held for the whole month of November 2014.

What should you do to participate Cook like a Star?

There is NO members' list, just join in whenever you can. Please feel free to display "Cook Like a Star" badge on your blog if you wish to join us. This event is opened for everyone.

There is NO commitment, too... which means you can do this anytime when you like. 

There is NO limitation on how many times you can cook or bake for this event. You can cook or bake as many times as you like as long as the recipes that you used are published by the nominated celebrity chef for the month. This means that multiple submissions of different recipes are allowed. The recipes that you used can be from the nominated chef's cookbooks, magazines or websites. In fact, everyone can cook exactly the same thing as there is NO limitation for doing that.

You can even submit your same blog post to any other blog events but you have to make sure that you check the rules of the other events.

IMPORTANT - To be able to use this code, you must provide a link back to Bake for Happy Kids and two of my organising friends. Use of this code will not be allowed if this link is not included in your blog post.

IMPORTANT - Please DO NOT breach any copyright rules. In regardless if you use the entire or partial of the recipe, with or without any of your adaptions, please include title of the book, magazine or the link to the original recipe in your blog post.

All submissions to this event must be current posts, published within the month of this event, any older posts will not be not accepted.

All the upcoming nominated chefs for the forthcoming months and the current pages to link are listed at "Cook like a Star" side bar of my blog. The linky tool for this blog hop event will stay open for the whole month or two as announced accordingly. Please feel free to visit the blogs from the links and leave your comment.

Here’s the HTML codes for the badge:


In thumbnail size: 

Just copy and paste the above HTML codes into your blog if you wish to display this badge.

What can I gain from this participation?

First of all, you will get to eat your delicious cooking.

Lots of fun, joy, satisfaction from cooking and baking.

Learn lots of cooking or baking techniques from each other.

And not forgetting friends like us. LOL. I would say these gains are priceless and hope that you can cook and link with us.

I'm looking for co-hostess for this event too!

Please email me at zoebakeforhappykids[at]gmail[dot]com if you are interested to co-host any coming Cook Like a Star events with me. The maximum no. of hosts per event will be three including me. 

If you like any celebrity chefs and wish to have him or her to be the upcoming themes of Cook like a Star, please feel free to let me know and we can discuss further via email.

If you have any other enquiries, please leave a comment in my blog and write to me via zoebakeforhappykids[at]gmail[dot]com or Tweet me @bake4happykids 

Please forgive me if I don't promptly answer your email. I'm a working mum and would like to dedicate most of my free time for my family. Besides, writing my blog and blogging can be time-consuming and would like seek your understanding for any late response. Otherwise, please feel free to leave comment on my blog, I am usually quick to respond via blogging or Twitter.

Happy Star Cooking / Baking


These are the Cook Like a Star events and theme that we had:

Mar 2012, Donna Hay by Bake for Happy Kids
May 2012, Barefoot Contessa by Bake for Happy Kids
July 2012, Jamie Oliver by Bake for Happy Kids
Sep 2012, MasterChef by Bake for Happy Kids, Eat your heart out and Simple Baking
Dec 2012, Martha Stewart by Bake for Happy Kids, Eat your heart out and Riceball Eats 

Mar 2013, Delia Smith by Bake for Happy Kids, Eat your heart out and Piece of Cake
July 2013, Curtis Stone by Bake for Happy Kids, Eat your heart out and Life can be simple
Aug 2013, Nigella Lawson by Bake for Happy Kids, Kitchen Flavours and Simple Baking

Sep 2013, Ree Drummond by Bake for Happy Kids, Eat your heart out and Piece of Cake
Nov to Dec 2013, Bill Granger by Bake for Happy Kids, Eat your heart out and Piece of Cake
Mar to Apr 2014, All-stars Anniversary by Bake for Happy Kids, Kitchen Flavours and Piece of Cake
June 2014, Paula Deen by Bake for Happy Kids, Kitchen Flavours and Domestic Goddess Wannabe
August 2014, Gordon Ramsay by Bake for Happy Kids, Eat your heart out and Piece of Cake

Next, our last Cook like a Star event... Nov 2014, Bobby Flay!!!
Aug 2013: Nigella LawsonSep 2013: Ree Drummond
Nov to Dec 2013: Bill Granger

Mar to Apr 2014: All-stars Anniversary

2014: Paula Deen and Deen brothers

Aug 2014: Gordon Ramsay

Oct 2014: Bobby Flay
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